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Book Review: Anthropology of an American Girl

"American Girl dredges up the real substance of youth, we are and were not the happy-go-lucky misfits of Glee or the scripted reality of MTV shows, there is violence, depravity, intellectual blooming, addiction, despair. Thayer Hamann doesn’t shy away from any of it, allowing her characters to navigate her world as we do ours, stumbling, searching, grasping.”

Just Peachy

He says, “Do you want to keep this pasta cookbook?”

And I say, yes, of course. When what I really mean is keep everything. File it all away, store them on shelves and in stacks and hanging from the…

Just because I like them does that mean I should “like” them?

Tanya Davis - Art

Thoughts on Almost Getting Hit

They say life flashes before your eyes, but they didn’t say it might not be recognized. Might not even be mine.

Cars are too smooth these days. Windows that won’t be confined to a side. Colours…

And Eventually We Build

At some point we must begin to make decisions for our future, however distant it may seem. Our history is written and rewritten, our truths become half-truths, and then myths… legends. The people…

The Rapture

The world almost ended, or so they say. We all get a little paranoid sometimes, afraid of being washed away. When the rain stopped, though, I caught myself sighing at the sky. Another empty cloud…


I can feel myself peeling off in strips, slowly, so slowly. Lay it on a mannequin like paper-mâché. This here? It will all be okay. That’s what we say.

Careful not to breathe in too deep, share the…